"Unity Diversity Respect"
"The AAC of Pasco sponsors programs that expose the community
to the rich and beautiful African American culture"

The African American Club (AAC) was founded on November 20, 1990 by a group of professional and retired African American men in response to the socio-economic needs of minority families, single parent families and the problems children faced in the schools such as drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, lack of discipline/supervision, lack of purpose and lack of motivation to succeed in life. The goal of the AAC was to "give something back" to the community that continued to nurture its young people. As a result, the AAC developed a program after the Booker T. Washington School was re-opened as a community and cultural center, which is now known as the AAC Center, to deter the problems facing the students.

On November 7, 2015 the AAC celebrated 25 years of community service as a non-profit community based organization comprised of concerned citizens with a common goal of providing positive social, educational, cultural and political solutions to the problems facing individuals and communities. The AAC incorporated on February 21, 1991.

"Purpose and motivation to succeed in life" are consistently reinforced as the bedrock ingredients in the foundation of every program offered at the AAC Center as our response to the many challenges offered by the global and diverse society we live in.

The AAC is an organization committed to embracing cultural diversity and believes America's success is based on similar principles of equality for all without regards to race, creed, sex, color, religion or national origin.

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